Monday, March 26

Spring Fever Promotion coming to an end soon...

Only a few more days left to take advantage of the Spring Fever promotion! If you like the POLKA DOTS AND PAISLEY stamp set and you would like to order the wheel and the designer papers that match for $48 then you can choose one more item from the Spring Mini Catalog for 1/2 price! To view the mini catalog just click HERE
to be shot right over to the Stampin'Up! website. All catalogs are now available online. I for one really really like the polka dots and paisley stamp set a whole bunch! The card above was made by my friend and fellow Stampin'Up! demonstrator Dunja. Isn't it a good one. I love it! I really do try to 'Find Joy in the Little Things' every single day. How about you?

Friday, March 23

ATC swap

ATC SWAP with the girls from the Vancouver/Burnaby Scrapaholics meet up group I am part of. Last month we did a swap and here are the results! Can you guess which one is mine? Aren't they neat? For those of you who don't know ATC stands for Artist Trading Card. They are the size of a playing card which is pretty tiny compared to a card. It was a challenge for me and I had no idea I would enjoy it so much! I used my favorite papers, stamps, ribbons and punches. My favorites have changed since then but I love pink and brown combinations so that gives you a clue. This was a fun swap! Please insert your guesses by leaving a comment on this post. Hmmmmmmmmmmm... one more clue for you. My husband calls me Bird as a nickname and I do love birds. Any chance I get I use bird stamps and images. That makes it really easy to tell which one is mine, doesn't it? They are all beautiful! I can't get over how much I enjoyed this swap. Everyone's efforts turned out great! I am now in love with ATCs.

Wednesday, March 21

Princess Card

Happy Birthday! This one was fun to make. The inside pulls out and says, "A princess is what you were meant to be 'cause being sweet comes naturally." A great one for the little girls in your life.

Friday, March 9

All about Inks...


Q: What is the difference between pigment ink and dye ink?

A: There are several differences. Dye ink absorbs into the paper; pigment ink sits on top of the paper and does not absorb. Pigment ink tends to be thicker than dye ink and is often preferred for scrapbooking because pigment inks are more resistant to fading than most dye inks. (However, some dye inks are specifically formulated for use in scrapbooks.)

Craft Stampin' Pads

Q: How is the Craft Stampin' Pad® different from pads we've carried in the past?

A: The Craft pad is different in several ways from previous pads we've carried, and these differences are addressed below topic by topic. The most general difference, however, is that the Craft pad is a pigment ink pad. So it differs from our Classic pads, which use a dye-based ink. We have been urged for some time to carry a scrapbooking ink in our exclusive colours.

Q: Is the Craft pad safe for use in my scrapbooks?

A: Yes. Craft ink is pigment ink and, as such, is more fade resistant than dye inks. The Craft pad contains binding agents that help seal it to fabric; these are natural binding agents and are safe for scrapbooks. Of course, our Classic inks are also safe for scrapbooks, and you may very well have customers who will choose the quicker drying time of Classic pads over the fade-resistant Craft pads. Think about it and choose for yourself. You will get the longest-lasting colour with Craft pads.

Q: What about drying time and Craft pads?

A: Pigment ink, by nature, dries more slowly than dye inks. Customers can heat-set the pigment inks to speed drying time or set them aside to dry. After heat-setting, Craft inks will resist all but the most deliberate efforts to smear them (such as wetting your finger and rubbing the ink). If you live in a humid area, you will want to heat-set the inks, because air-drying time increases as humidity increases. Heat-setting and air-drying produce the same colour results. When heat-setting, be careful not to heat too long and cause a scorched look. The best thing to use would be a heat gun but I suppose you could also try a toaster or electric stove element but be careful not to scorch your paper. I have used these methods before I got my heat gun.

Q: What about using Craft pads for embossing?

A: Because of the longer drying time noted above, you have time to apply your embossing powder without rushing; therefore, the Craft pads are an excellent choice for embossing.

Q: What about using Craft pads for watercolouring?

A: Craft pads work well for watercoloring your stamped image. You can use craft pads the same way you would classic--squeeze the pink pad together before opening it to provide a pallette of ink on the inside cover. Apply to your stamped image with a blender pen, aqua painter or watercolor brush. Or if you are using stampin'spots just press your spot to the inside of a yogurt container lid (or something similar) and the imprint will make a dandy little pallette.

Q: Can I use Craft ink on slick surfaces like tile, porcelain, and terra cotta?

A: The Craft ink will not dry on slick surfaces, even when heat-set. However, if you seal the ink with clear embossing powder, you get a delightful glossy finish. It's recommended that this technique be used for decorative purposes only, because the image can be scratched off with your fingernail or metal, but it doesn't rub off with just a gentle rub from your fingertip. So you could use this technique for a decorative tile to hang on a wall, but you wouldn't want to decorate the tiles on your kitchen floor this way.

Q: Can I use Craft ink on wood?

A: Craft ink works well on smooth raw wood and on wood already painted with a water-based paint, as long as it is heat-set. After heat-setting, you may choose to spray it with a fixative to add an extra layer of protection. My favorite choice is Krylon for this.

Q: Can I stamp walls with Craft pads?

A: Results with Craft ink on walls vary depending on texture, finish, and previous paint on the walls. Test on a small portion of unseen wall. If the image is dry after heat-setting, it may be used on the remainder of the wall. Acrylic paints are the best choice for stamping on walls.

Q: What about colour-on-colour with Craft pads?

A: Many of the Craft pads give a similar result to the VersaMark® pad when stamped on their coordinating card stock colour. Some, however, are much more pale. You'll want to experiment with colour-on-colour using Craft pads. For a sure watermark every time, choose VersaMark.

Q: Does the Craft ink work on fabric?

A: Yes, you can use the Craft ink for stamping on fabrics. You'll want to note that colours are less vibrant on fabric than on paper. Also, even after heat-setting, fabric inks fade slightly. This is true not only of Craft pads but other fabric pads available in the retail market as well. For a more vibrant image, try stamping the same image twice (one on top of the other) using the Stamp-a-ma-jig®. Here are some important tips to remember when stamping on fabric:

Prewash the fabric.
Tightly woven and smooth-finished fabrics work best.
Test a small area of fabric first.
Heat-set immediately after stamping.
Wash as normal or hand wash, but air or line dry.
For best results, re-ink pad frequently.

Note: The Whisper White Craft pad requires very high levels of pigment to get the opaque look on paper our demonstrators and customers love. To achieve this level of opacity, we had to give up the fabric option. Therefore, the Whisper White Craft pad is not recommended for use on fabric.

Q: How do I re-ink the Craft pads?

A: When re-inking, squeeze several drops of Craft ink on top of the pad and work in with the tip of the ink refill (or use a stamp), and stamp repeatedly until the refill ink is absorbed into the pad. Do not leave a layer of ink on top of the pad, as this may cake over time. As with any Stampin' Up! product, exposure to extreme temperatures may affect the quality of the ink. Keep out of heat and sunlight, and avoid extreme temperature changes such as might occur if stored in an unheated garage in the winter or in a car trunk in the summer. Pads subjected to extreme temperature changes may harden.

Wednesday, March 7

Be Happy!

Here's a couple of the 'stamp-A-stacks' Dunja and I worked on at the last retreat we went to. There was horseback riding and tons of scrapbookers. We made so many new friends and had such fun! Be Happy is my favorite set right now! Actually it has been for a long time. It's on page 77 of the Idea Book & Catalogue. We used pretty in pink, certainly celery and chocoate chip for our cardstock, inks and ribbons. I love creating with her, she has a good eye and a great imagination. I learned so much working with her. She is good at just looking at something and then recreating it with a twist, making it her own, with her favorite stamps and colours. Dunja is planning an event of her own. It's called Camp Crop-A-Lot and will be held at the end of March. There's still time to register for this fun event. Check out the blog with pictures of Camp Jubilee and last year's group. There are 4 classes this year offered by a variety of people. This event is not linked to a specific company. Dunja puts out all her own time and energy making it a success. Every penny she receives goes straight to door prizes and the costs to make it even better for all of us. The price is so reasonable as well.
March 30th-April 1st, 2007
Camp Jubilee, up the Indian Arm, accessible only by boat..
Come prepared to stamp, scrapbook and have fun at this fabulous yearly event!! Many great classes to choose from or just come and relax in the wonderful natural setting with a great bunch of new friends! Don't worry, we're not in tents!!! Call me for more information and register today!

Monday, March 5

Milk Carton from Stampin'Up! Made in Canada, BC, New Westminster

I had so much fun making this little milk carton. I filled it with Lindt chocolates for a coworker who has gone to India to get married. Congratulations Surveen! Next time I make one I am going to fill it with Whoppers, you know the maltedmilk chocolates. I found them at Toys 'R' Us in Surrey. Seems like I'm hangin'out in Surrey a lot doesn't it? The blue one is from the demonstrator web site. I downloaded the template and made my own. I am sure you can tell which is which. All images copyright Stampin'Up! Contact me if you want a template of your own. The scoring was the only tricky part. I used an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of cardstock but you could use a photocopier to make any size you want. I now remember Whoppers are sickly sweet. Patrick just had to open the bag! Not a good choice for breakfast!

Sweet Double Slider Card

Lillian created this fun double slider card last month using the example in the back of the demonstrator's magazine as inspiration! It says, "All things grow with Love." I really like the colours and layout she chose! She is so talented! All images copyright Stampin'Up!

Secret Swap February 2007

Here's a couple of items I did for a swap arranged by Marcy. All the items had to use products from the main big Idea Book & Cataloge from Stampin'Up! That was a challenge for me. The 6x6 scrapbook pages was too because of it's small size. I had to put in a photo to visualize but took it out when I sent it to Kim. The item on the right it a note pad box I got at Dollar Giant in Surrey. I had a lot of fun with this swap and the items I received in return were fabulous! I LOVE the items in the mini catalogues so it was especially interesting for me to NOT use those things in my creations. Doesn't Patrick look super TIRED in this picture. Probably because it was taken just minutes after Asia was born at Royal Columbian Hospital. I like the shirt he happened to be wearing that day. Do you think he wore it on purpose anticipating the photo op? Our baby was so tiny compared to her size now. She's now climbing and running and has so much fun playing with her big brother. He's all boy alright.

Sunday, March 4

Lisa Burbank made it!

I love this card Lisa made as an invitation for the Valentine's Day Toddler's Music Class held on Wednesday mornings at the Burnaby chapel. Can you tell by this picture how she hung the heart in the circle with a wire and made it all swirly on the ends? It's simple but cute! For pictures and details of this event you'll have to check out Tricia's blog and look for the February 15th post.

Thursday, March 1

Spring Fever

I remember getting a report card that said, "I think Betty-Ann has a bit of Spring Fever." I became very worried thinking I had some kind of condition I didn't know about. I approached my mom and demanded to know what was wrong with me. She laughed and explained the true meaning of spring fever and I was not happy. Apparently my teacher thought I was slacking off and of course I was also labeled as a 'chatterbox'. As a very young girl this didn't help me or so I thought...
Here's the scoop on the promotion:

You'll save a bundle during March with Stampin' Up!'s Spring Fever Promotion!
From March 1 through March 31, you'll get 50%off any one item in the new Spring Mini Catalog when you purchase the Polka Dots & Paisley Bundle!

Click HERE for more details!

Spring Fever

The Spring Fever Promotion Starts March 1!

Who wants to save 50 percent on brand-new stamps? Everyone! So tell everyone you know that during the fabulous Spring Fever promotion they can save a bundle! When you purchase the Polka Dots & Paisley Bundle you'll receive any one item from the new Spring Mini Catalogue for half price. As a hostesses you can also qualify for 50 percent off a Spring Mini Catalogue item when hosting a qualifying workshop. Check it out at