Thursday, February 22

Doodle This and Doodle That!

Here's a preview of an item the Stampers6Club project we're going to do this month. It won't be exactly the same because I wanted to use Cool Caribbean, Rose Red, Pretty in Pink and Creamy Caramel. Also I really like the Doodle This and Doodle That sets so I incorporated those into the project. Will post.

Wednesday, February 21

Stampin'Up! in Springtime...

There's only a few days left for Sell-A-Bration sets and the Winter Mini and the Mini Starter Kit specials. Exciting things are coming up for SPRING! A brand new mini catalog and more. I love the Doodle themed sets coming up and of course the Polka Dots and Paisley! There are all kinds of new patterned papers and office themed supplies. They are also introducing these long note cards. I love the size and shape and I think they can be made by hand as well if you are willing to spend the time doing it.Intrigued? Check back here again. A big THANK-YOU to Marcy! for being my secret Valentine. She sent me a box with the envelope template and the envelope glue so I guess I will be making some of my own envelopes! Also she included 3 beautiful cards, an altered pack of gum, some cinnamon pancake mix and MORE! I can't wait to try making those pancakes. She certainly went to a lot of effort and helped my Valentine's be extra special. Maureen's flowers and the facial at Urban Phoenix at the Galbraith house certainly contributed as well. Marcy did however out do herself as predicted. I wish we could celebrate Valentine's Day more often than once a year but that's just me...

Can't wait to Create!

The little red Honda is smashed up on both ends. On Monday Patrick was rear ended by a 17 year old driving a van. When he hit Pat he was pushed into an SUV so both ends of the car got it. His body is stiff and sore but luckily he wasn't hurt seriously. It was a stressful week though. So we're on the look out for a new work vehicle for Spearhead Janitorial. Too bad that little hatchback was so reliable and compact. Easy come, easy go I guess. Asia has croup so we've been insane with the cold air vaporizer and trips to the doctor. She's been quite cranky and had no voice as well. She can't even cry properly. Fortunately she is breathing better and has her appetite back now. The bugs have been brutal on everyone this year it seems. Thank God for our health and he will bless us. I held a workshop in Aldergrove on Saturday. It was really fun and exhausting. I met and got to know better so many interesting women and a few amphibians and men too. I enjoyed sharing ideas and developing creativity with a new group of people. I have a lot to learn. The more I think about it the more I am convinced Stampin'Up! is mainly designed to Love what you do & Do what you love. The company's design seems inspired. All I am doing is developing friendships along the way, not pushing people to buy buy buy. I love the high quality and versatility of the products and am grateful for the opportunities I have been presented with. I can't wait to create more....

Sunday, February 18

Sell-A-Bration Sets still available! Contact Betty-Stampin'Up!Demonstrator in New Westminster

  • The Sell-A-Bration stamp sets and the Simply Scrappin' kit are limited edition and are exclusive to Sell-A-Bration-they will not be available after Sell-A-Bration ends. This limited availability is a strong selling point you can use to increase your sales.
  • During Sell-A-Bration, customers, hostesses and recruits, can earn free stamp sets.
  • Customers: Customers will receive a free Sell-A-Bration stamp set for every purchase of $75 or more. There is no limit to the number of qualifying orders a customer can place.
  • For a preview of a promotion coming in March from the Spring Mini Catalog click HERE!